Salt, The essence of Life

Salt occurs naturally in many parts of the world in mineral form and has been mined for thousands of years!

The history of Salt Manufacturing in Kutch dates back to hundreds of decades, thanks to its magnificent, breath-taking natural salt lakes and the shores that gift salt while they head back into the sea.

It’s a sight to watch and admire the bounties of nature and the process of procuring raw salt that has over 14000 applications, hard to believe though but Salt is much more than just food!

Miles and miles of these brines is what keeps the economy of the area afloat.

Salt in Kutch
  • During the monsoon months, the Rann of Kutch is submerged in sea water. As the sea water finally begins to recede in October, the Agariyas move in and begin the elaborate process of salt farming. First, they dig wells to pump out highly saline groundwater from the lake of brine that lies 40 feet below the crust.
  • The pumped out brine is then directed into square-shaped salt pans where the natural process of evaporation works to leave behind precious white crystals of salt.
  • With the salt fields slowly turning silvery white with raw salt, the harvest season officially begins in winter.
  • Once the first layer of salt is formed, it is scraped with heavy wooden rakes. The salt farmers continuously rake the salt to develop smaller crystals (which fetch a higher price) and pile it up onto the sides of the pans to be collected later.

Out of the estimated total annual production of India of about 28 million tons, 63% comes from Kutch !

Salt, the signature product of SKC Industries LLP
  • SKC Industries LLP endeavors to bring to you the highest quality of Salt range ensuring our clientele is accustomed to choose SKC the next time and every time after that.
  • The company’s customers include major corporations in Oman, China, Bangladesh, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and many other countries.
  • SKC Industries LLP exports over 200K MTPA of Industrial Salt and 15000 MTPA of Edible Salt to various countries across the globe.
  • The company eyes major expansion by 2021 and aims to scale up to three times its current supplies.
  • The in-house expertise for quality control, world class shipping services and a strong state of art technological support make
    strong pillars for SKC Industries LLP to deliver which can be claimed one of the best in the industry.
  • Be them housewives, restaurateurs, beverage companies, the food industry or be them various industries that fail to work without a pinch of salt in their factories and plants; we cater ever single specification of diverse salts customized precisely to your need.
Sectorial Application of Salt
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Edible Salt

Sea Salt

Unlike refined salts, the preparation of sea salt usually includes very little processing, so it retains its moisture and mineral treasure. It’s a hit amongst the health conscious people

Crystal Salt

Crystal Salts has its applications in various industries like Sugar, food, Salt Therapies, Medical Use, Paint & Distemper, Drilling Salts, Dyes & Chemicals and many others

Free Flow Salt

We offer an excellent quality Free Flow Salt. At our advanced processing unit, this salt is processed with the use of highly advanced techniques in order to make it pure and free flow

Over-sized Salt

Over-sized salt is preferred for its minimal processing and conserved natural minerals. SKC Industries LLP uses unique cleaning techniques to provide our clients with a kind of salt that is fresh & rich in minerals

Free Flow Iodised Salt

Free Flow Iodised salt is the most sought after product of our company. It has made its place in every kitchen. We at SKC facilitate our clients to choose from diverse Packaging options that suit their needs and convenience

Powder Salt

We are bracketed with the top-notch suppliers, engaged in offering the best quality Fine Salt. We are a leading name reckoned for the wide product range that is manufactured using only certified raw material

Refined Salt Mesh 30

SKC Industries LLP Quality Control team ensures its purity and taste are maintained at highest standards and thanks to that, we are heading to become the most sought after suppliers across borders.
Industrial Salt

Sodium Chloride


Sodium Sulphate


High Grade Salt

refined pure salt

Refined Pure Salt

Industrial Applications

Paper Industry
Our Refined Industrial Grade Salt has Purity (NaCl) ranging from 98.5 to 99.50% with lower content of Ca and Mg

Oil & Gas Industries
Highly Pure Grade Refined Salt available for Oil & Gas Industries have NaCl > 99.50% and Ca + Mg < 1500 PPM. Available in powder/coarse form

Raw Salt
Natural solar harvested Sea Salt with Purity (NaCl ) ranging from 97 to 99.50%

Processing and Preservation of Sea food
Washed Crystal & Powder Salt for Processing and Preservation of Sea food.

De-Icing Salt
Sea Salt with Purity (NaCl) ranging from 97 to 99.50% available in White Crystalline form with grain size 0.5 to 10mm

Water Softening
Pure Grade Water Softener Fine Powder/Coarse Salt. Purity (NaCl) ranging from 99 to 99.60%

Chlor Alkali
Pure Industrial Grade Salt has Purity (NaCl) ranging from 99 to 99.50% with Ca and Mg below 500ppm each in ratio if 2:1

Pure Grade Coarse Salt having NaCl > 99.50% and Ca + Mg < 800 PPM mixed with Additives Chemicals

Textile Industry
High Purity Salt with NaCl :>99.40%, Hardness < 150PPM @ 80 GPL with lowest Insoluble Matters and controlled pH content.

Animal Feed Salt
Pure Grade Animal Feed Coarse Salt/Fine Salt. Purity (NaCl) ranging from 99 to 99.60% with Ca and Mg < 0.05%

Pool Salt
Pure Grade Pool Coarse Salt/Fine Salt available with Purity (NaCl) >99%
Why SKC?


Strong expertise in containerized, break-bulk and bulk shipments
Commercial Terms

Commercial Terms

Competitive prices and flexible payment options

Technical Expertise

Technical Support and Solutions from Industry Experts

Quality Control

Stringent quality control, online monitoring, full compliance to IS, ASTM, BS-EN standards, ISO 9001, CE Marking

Packing Options

Multiple packing options including big bags, small bags, break-bulk, bulk (road and sea) and (10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50) KG and 1MT Jambo bag, with customized packing as your requirement.


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