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SKC Industries LLP (ISO 9001:2015 Registered), Incorporated in 2018 is a government registered and Leading Manufacture and Exporter of Various Grades of Salt Including Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt, Tablet Salt, Pool Salt. Fine & Coarse Salt, Edible salt, Industrial salt for various sectors like Foods, Industrial and Water Softener/Treatment, Pool Chlorinators. And other Salt base chemical through internal sourcing and processing for Textile and chemical industry.

SKC INDUSTRIES LLP is pioneer in product innovation and has developed number of new salt products with continual R&D and technical assistance from our International buyers/global business partners.

We pride ourselves in offering value added Product in Salt Category. Using high quality Sea salt, we offer salt products to a broad range of industries including the Drilling, Textile, Detergent and various other Industrial, food, stockfeed, Skin/Hide, Water Treatment and Water Softening and Pool sec with its worldwide present liaison offices and a well-established trade network across the globe

Our Specialized Products

Industrial Salt

Our cutting-edge facility, maintains the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the production of superior industrial salt.
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Edible Salt

At SKC Industries LLP, we’re committed to offering premium edible salt products to satisfy our clients’ various needs.
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Our cutting-edge facility preserves the characteristic aroma, long grains, and delicate texture that distinguish premium Basmati rice.
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Green Millet

From dehydrated green millet grains to millet-based derivatives, our offerings cater to diverse tastes worldwide.
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Dehydrated Onion

Our product range includes dehydrated onion flakes and powder, catering to diverse client needs worldwide.
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Dehydrated Garlic

Our comprehensive product range, including garlic flakes and powder, caters to the diverse needs of clients worldwide.
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Responsibility Towards the Trust

At SKC, we realize our responsibility towards the trust and confidence bestowed by our clients. Keeping that in mind, we strive to provide the optimum value to our clients without compromising on the ethos and fundamentals of the company.

With technological advancement & top-notch logistics systems, we at SKC aspire to address even the most challenging demands from any corner of the world and ensure delivering as per our promises and delight our customers.


SKC Industries LLP stands tall on the foundation of the following commitments to its clientele worldwide: 

  • Best Quality Products
  • Value Maximization
  • World Class Services
  • Reliability & Performance
  • Customer Relationship First
Our Top Products


We endeavors to bring the highest quality of Salt range ensuring our clientele is accustomed to choose SKC.
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As the leading Basmati Rice Exporter in Kutch, our dedication to quality is visible in every grain we provide.
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Green Millet

Within our advanced facility, the essence of green millet is preserved through innovative dehydration processes.
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