Bentonite: A multi-use mineral

Bentonite is defined as a kind of absorbent clay formed by the breakdown of volcanic ash, used esp. as filler. Bentonite clay has been gaining fame in recent years as an internal and external purifier for very good reasons. Not all Bentonite Clay is created equal; most of it is not mined for internal use or sifted as finely as it should be.


Bentonite is classified into two:

  • One is called the swelling type or Sodium Bentonite, which has single water layer particles containing “Na” as the exchangeable ion.
  • The other has double water layer particles with Ca as the exchangeable ion. It is called Calcium Bentonite or non-swelling type. “Na” or “Ca” is exchanged by “Mg” or “Fe“
FLY ASH, a wealthy waste!

Fly ash is fine glass-like powder recovered from gases created by coal fired during electric power generation at power plants.

Fly ash is a burnt and powdery derivative of inorganic mineral matter that generates during the combustion of pulverized coal in the thermal power plant. The burnt ash of the coal contains mostly silica, alumina, calcium, iron are the major chemical constituents. Depends on the burning temperature of coal.

In the past, fly ash was generally released into the atmosphere, but air pollution control standards now require that it be captured prior to release by fitting pollution control equipment

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